In the context of an international research project, and with the objective of spreading our multidisciplinary approach by evaluating new technologies and methodologies, we are looking for a Research and ICT Developer  who will play a relevant role in defining and developing new solutions for improving the security and privacy of smart grids.

The activity will be carried out in a collaborative environment (gitlab) and by using distributed ledger technologies (quorum/hyperledger). The solutions will exchange data in a secure manner by adopting encryption techniques and advanced message queuing protocol.

Special attention will be devoted to privacy and data protection of personal and sensitive data.

Fluent English is requested.

What we offer:

  • competitive salary
  • hip office space
  • flexible working hours.

You will not work alone; you’ll be a member of the existing team, which will be glad to have you onboard.

We don’t discriminate on the basis of your origin, gender, religion, age, or any other aspect of your identity. We want you just the way you are. 

You are a human being, free to think whatever you want, and able to work with ethical principles.

To apply, visit and complete the application form.