Too often, the best ideas don’t get noticed. Especially in Europe, with its endemic lack of venture capital. We accompany our customers trying to eliminate the obstacles to innovation, supporting them in the generation of ideas, products, or services of sizeable business value. We evaluate our customers’ ideas, helping them to conceptualise and concretise them, evaluating the investment required and the return on investment. Thanks to our decades of proven experience in grant writing, we know where to find corresponding financing opportunities, whether they be upfront liquidity injections or fiscal benefits. And we are able to package the perfect proposal to get our customers’ innovation funded. Furthermore, we can connect our customers with our vast network of high-level research partners in Europe and beyond. Let us work together to:

  • map organisations’ innovation goals
  • connect organisations with the perfect partners for realising innovation goals
  • secure the optimal mix of funding and finance for unlocking organisations’ innovations.